My Style

I love weddings. I always have. To me they seem poetic - life long promises, radiant clothing, rituals, traditions and deep seated emotions. It's one thing to photograph the activities throughout a wedding. It's another to reveal the individual intimacies of the wedding with poetic expression. That's my job!

My style is most accurately described as photojournalistic. I set out to capture the essence of the day through a photo essay that records special moments and tells a unique story. My goal is to operate in the background allowing me to capture intimate images without interrupting or influencing individual expressions. However, most of my brides and grooms are not professional models and requrie occasional guidance to facilitate the desired results. In these situations, I am sensitive to providing direction which fosters an atmosphere of fun and supports the beauty and tenderness of the moment.

My weddings are shot with professional, high-resolution digital cameras and a broad range of lens sizes and speeds. Use of natural lighting is my preferred mode of operation however flash and alternative lighting is used as appropriate. Pre planning for each wedding includes a careful analysis of how to maximize the best lighting to minimize disruption.

I photograph my weddings with an assistant/second photographer. That way, I am sure to capture multiple vantage points to enhance the story telling and limit disruptive movement.

I believe that details are a key part of communicating a story. To capture the look and feel of the day, I often zoom in on classic wedding miscellany, such as the delicate rhinestone jewels on a pointed pair of shoes, a glistening arrangement of pearls resting on a table covered with rose petals, and the small buttons on the taffeta bridal gown. Many of these elements have been the subject of hours of deliberation and deserve their valued place in the wedding story.

My love for black and white photography stems from my feelings that a wedding designed for eternity should be captured with a medium which also says forever and has timeless implications. I take great pride in my post production work selecting special images to be converted into black and white art. I generally select images that scream to communicate a thought or convey an expression. I tend to want to strip away the distracting color to focus the viewer and evoke a reaction to the intended message.

Regardless of style and technique, I most value my relationship with the bride and groom. Without understanding what is important to them. I am nothing. I take on a limited number of weddings each year allowing me time to personally get involved upfront with clients so that come the wedding day, we are working in harmony to produce the memories of a lifetime.