Bio - Kim Francois

I spent the first part of my career wearing a suit, working in Marketing Communications for high technology companies like Compaq and Dell Computers. I expressed my creativity from behind a desk - advertising, sales promotion, event planning, tradeshows... Not any more!

Today, it's about fun. I am not afraid to admit I love my work. I enjoy the intimacy I experience working with people and the joy I get from making them feel good about themselves. I love knowing I am creating precious memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. From individual portrait sessions to elaborate wedding events - I love them all.

My photographic work is divided into three areas - Weddings, Portraits and Projects. I have found maintaining this balance in my work keeps me inspired. Weddings allow me to put myself out there and experience emotions specific to couples celebrating the most special day of their lives. Portraits challenge me to design a "look" which is unique and represents the individual or individuals I am photographing. My projects are personal assignments that I choose when I want to explore my being.

That's me, or at least my professional side - in a nutshell.