Portrait Pricing

What is a Portrait?

Most of us have a photograph somewhere hanging on a parent’s wall or tucked
away in the family scrapbook that takes us back to another place in time.

The image floods us with memories so real you can almost remember the exact
moment the picture was taken.
Sometimes the image is so powerful it will trigger
smells or deep
seeded feelings from your past. We treasure these images because
they allows us
to preserve our memories.

As a portrait photographer, I feel so fortunate to be part of this process. I combine
my passion for photographic expression with your need to capture and freeze
a moment in time. I am constantly inspired by the uniqueness of each individual
I photograph and challenged to find new and innovative ways to capture their
uniqueness in my camera.

Specialty Portraits:
- Head Shots
- Children
- Family
- Maternity
- Boudoir
- Seniors

Sessions Include:
- Advance consultation to design concept, select clothing, location, props...
- Private on-line picture viewing and ordering for 60 days

Session Pricing: (One hour session)
- Location Portrait $400
- Family Portraits with multiple families $500

Payment Policy:
- Full payment for photo session is due upon completion of session
- Payment for prints, albums and other specialty items is due with delivery
- Sales tax of 8.25% is added to all orders unless you are tax exempt
- Cash or check only